Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Aluminium Welding in Marine Industry

Aluminium Welding in Marine Industry

Marine industry Or Shipbuilding industry using Aluminium as an alternate for steel for manfacturing of ships.

Aluminium is of 1/3rd of weight to steel, ease of welding, faster production, lighter ships resulting fast ships or fast patrol vessels.

Generally  AA5083, AA 5086, AA 5383 & AA6082 used in marine industry with different heat temper & grade as per requirement.

Mig & Tig welding is used in Marine industry frequently.

Automation of welding at some extent is possible by use of robots.

For Mig welding 5556 & 5183 filler wire is used  with Helium- Argon (80%-20%)  gas shielding. Gas flow will be in the range of 16-25 lpm (litre per minute).

For Tig Welding 4043 filler wire is used with Argon (99.999 %) gas shielding. Gas flow will be in the range of 6-14 lpm (litre per minute).

Aluminium welding Needs Special Precautions. Few of them are:-

1. Edge prepared should be cleaned just before welding by buffing wheel & acetone both.
2. Correct current & voltage settings must be choosed according to plate thickness.
3. Gas flow will be according to reuirement & positon of welding.
4. welding should be avoide in very moist & windy condition,
5. It must be protected from direct wind draft.

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